Mark Hurd

Role of Mark Hurd as a CEO

Running a business is not a piece of cake; it is a big responsibility which needs to be communicated in a thorough manner. However, when it comes to working out with the task of managing a business, the main aim a CEO may have is to take the business towards the highest level of success and keep a group of people happy which comprises of 4 people:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Community
  • Shareholders

Well, this group of people is something that always takes a significant place in any business and when it comes to making them satisfies a CEO needs to work hard day and night. The role of being a CEO is well explained in the example of Website is a person of honor who has created a significant place in the industry by taking Oracle to the highest level of success. When it comes to taking his name every single person in the company has been satisfied and happy with him, he has focused the entire group of people in a very careful manner and has been able to give his best to the business.

Success of Oracle was not a piece of cake and the way Mark Hurd has taken it to the highest skies is something commendable at all times. The different ideas and efforts of this person have made Oracle a renowned name and the features of his role as a CEO include the following:

  • He has considered the business not only a profit generating machine but has also made sure that there is no compromise on the quality of their products as well as the quality of the environment in which the employees work.
  • He is among those people who work hand in hand with the employees rather than dictating them.
  • He has created an environment of trust and helpfulness in the entire company leaving aside the dirt of diplomacy.


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Mark Hurd

What Makes Mark Hurd Entitled to be a Successful CEO?

Every person is different from the other and when it comes to making a place in the world every individual need to possess some distinctive qualities and those qualities are actually a reason to make them unique and different. Similarly is the personality of Click, this person has been able to create a very significant place in the world of technology, previously he worked with a renowned name of HP and now Oracle is what he has made a successful organization.

People like Mark Hurd are actually the ones who tend to gain a position that calls for a significant impact in all aspects, moreover, he has those qualities which make him stand out from others and make him capable of holding a high position as well. However, when it comes to being a CEO a few qualities which he possesses are:

Successful Past Record

The role played by the past record of any person is something that makes him distinctive from the others, moreover, the way he took HP to the highest level of success is something that makes him stand out and the trust of people has increased over him and his capabilities to choose him being a successful CEO.

Skills of being a Leader

In order to be a very successful person to run a company under the head of CEO there is a significant need of being a great leader to. It is the leader who runs the company successfully and leadership qualities of people actually make them move their employees in a way that is need for the company; Mark Hurd has been a great leader with his outclass leadership qualities possessed within him.

Respectable Personality

No matter what the personality of Mark Hurd has been a very respectable one, big companies and big names have always been calling out his name with respect and that has made him gain such a highest level in the industry.

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