SERP Checker: All you need to Know

If you have online presence and competing with others to promote a product or service, it is natural for you to know how well you are doing. One tool that helps you greatly in this endeavour is SERP checker. It is a free API that comes up with results about top websites on the basis of keywords that you are interested in. Like a rank checker, you can know the ranking of your website in terms of important keywords used on the site. This tool reveals ranking of not just your website but that of your competitors also.


Know if your SEO efforts are bearing fruits or not

If you have employed services of a SEO expert to make your website search engine friendly, it is only natural for you to know whether your money is being spent wisely or not. You also want to know whether these efforts are producing any desirable results or not. A SERP checker fulfils all these requirements.


Know the rank of your website in seconds

There are available dozens of these tools on the net. Just visit any of these checkers and enter your domain name along with the keywords on which you want to check the ranking of your website. You are sure to get some interesting results. If you want to broaden the search and also include the names of some of your competitors, you have the liberty to do so. Thus you can easily learn from a SERP checker how your website is faring in comparison with the websites of others on the basis of important keywords.


The search conducted on a SERP checker could be global or it could be local depending upon the nature and extent of your business. Based upon these results, you can focus upon some keywords to improve the ranking of your website.

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