Choosing The Right Bathtub Installation

One way to really improve the appearance of your home is to renovate the bathroom. This is actually one of the best home renovations projects you can do because when you sell, you can recoup almost 80 percent of the renovation costs. A new bathtub installation is almost always a part of a bathroom renovation. Bathroom design and decor have changed a great deal over the years and today, you have many options when it comes to the type of bathtub and shower you want.

If cost is a consideration, you might want to look at a fiberglass bath and shower combination. These are relatively inexpensive and are easy to install. This may be the best solution if you’re planning on doing the renovation yourself.

Another consideration is the type of bathtub currently in the bathroom. Older homes often have extremely heavy cast iron tubs. These are often so difficult to remove from a home that companies will charge extra. If you have one of these tubs, you might want to consider getting it recoated by a professional company or hire a company to install an overlay.

There are companies which specialize in remodeling a bathtub and shower by installing a new unit right over the old. These are typically acrylic and custom designed to fit right over your existing bathtub and fit perfectly. They come in many designs and colors. You work with the company to choose the tub and wall design you want. Your custom tub and shower stall are then manufactured according to your specifications. Once the unit is finished, the company installs it in your bathroom. Depending on the complexity of your bathroom design, the installation will usually take from one to three days.

Choosing the right bathtub installation is important when you are updating or renovating your bathroom. Whether it’s a new custom tub and shower or one that is updated, you’ll be happy with your new bathroom.

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