Silicon Babies – New Collectables

Its human nature to play with the toys. Everyone have different choice but majority of the people love to play with the dolls as children. New technology has made things easy and now elders can play with these real looking dolls. These are called silicon babies, as silicon is the material used in manufacturing them.

Find out more are of different types, a wide verity of those is available. You can select from the open mouth babies to the open eyes babies, whatever you prefer. Every type of baby has some distinct feature. For instance, open mouth babies use pacifiers like the real babies. Similarly, you can find babies with other traits.

Different artists are making verity of silicon babies. If you like these little creatures, you can start collecting them one by one. You can find them in local stores and they are also available online too. You can find your favorite baby easily. Different artists also take the orders, if you want any specific baby.

You can get kits from the market, you make your own silicon babies. Its real fun to create a little baby like doll. You can give it the weight of your choice, weight pallets are available, if you want to increase or decrease the weight of your baby.

Silicon babies are a nice collection to make. It will look amazing, when you will show your collection to your friends. It’s a good hobby to collect these dolls and then take care of them. It’s a good use of your time, when you have nothing to do.

These dolls are expansive, but you can get them in cheap price too, if you compare the prices on different stores. Different materials are used for making them, you can select the material and shape of your choice and can grow your silicon baby collection.


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